P T . K A A R L E I N D O N E S I A

a brand from PT. Kaarle Indonesia was founded in 2013. We seek tosupply a healthy, and high quality products for people around us. Sortedthe best raw and natural ingredients from local farmer we trust, thussupporting the local community, and create a meaningful relationshipwith those around us

In seeking the best suited needs for people, and catering a healthylifestyle. our range of products varies from Extra Virgin Coconut Oil,Coconut Cooking Oil, Dessicated Coconuts, Coconut Sugar, and CoconutOil for natural base products such as cosmetics, personal hygiene, foodprocessing, and many others. Furthermore, we also produce instantseasonings with no added preservatives, and natural base antiseptics(Sanitiser, and Multipurpose Disinfectants).